July 2023
  • Parisian Summer Soiree

    Drinks, networking, and a special live podcast recording with the Urbit Foundation, Giga Corp, and NEAR.

  • reDEFIne: The Future of France

    ​An evening of crepes, cocktails, and conversations about DeFi on a [stationary] boat on the Seine, 5 min walk from the ETHcc6 venue.

  • Liquidity on the Seine with OtterSec, BitGo, Mystic Labs, UnUniFi, & Magna

    Boat party on the Seine

  • Open Cafe at EthCC

    ​Join us for a relaxed and productive time at EthCC! Come hang out and work with us from 9a to 4p on July 18th (Monday) and July 19th (Tuesday). ​Indulge in delicious coffee, pastries, and brunch while enjoying great company. ​We can't wait to see you there!

  • CryptoEconDay Paris

    CryptoEconDay is a gathering of Web3 researchers and practitioners sharing findings, lessons learned, and answering some of our most challenging questions around the topic of cryptoeconomics.

  • Impact Blockchain Conference

    1 day workshops to understand and use Blockchain solutions for Climate mitigation + Art Exhibition & Fun

  • EthCC[6]

    The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community. Four intense days of conferences, networking and learning.

  • EthCC[6] After Party

    Official EthCC after party! Join us for some food, drinks and music to celebrate the end of EthCC[6]

  • Diverse Builders Brunch

    Celebrate inclusivity in emerging technology with us.

  • Future of France (FoF) Party

    The Future of France event is a gathering hosted by a culmination of French-based crypto start-ups to celebrate the growing industry and ever-present innovation.

  • Founder & Investor Happy Hour

    Reinvigorate the startup ecosystem with brilliant minds in emerging tech.

  • zkHacker House by 1kx & Lagrange

    1kx and Lagrange are opening up a co-working space and free accommodation for builders working on zero-knowledge proof infrastructure and applications at ETHcc. The hacker house will be an opportunity to find teammates, learn, and get feedback on your ideas from fellow ZKP enthusiasts and researchers in this area.

  • Anon Ball by LUKSO and Boys Club

    RSVP to attend!

  • Proof of Space days: workshop day

    Proof of Space days, a gathering of cryptographers, Web3 researchers and engineers to share knowledge on Proof of Space.

  • Cats The Flag in Paris

    We are CatsTheFlag, a group of experts in Smart contract development and Audit. Come and solve our CTF quiz!

  • Funding the Commons

    Help shape the future of public goods funding! Funding the Commons is a conference series focused on bridging the public goods communities across Web2, Web3, research, philanthropy and industry. We do this by convening builders and practitioners, researchers and academics, and funders and philanthropists, catalyzing innovation in public goods.

  • Blockchain Oracle Summit

    BOS23 is the only conference to fully focus on how data moves on-chain.

  • Stable Summit

    Powered by Curve Finance, Stable Summit is the first meeting of leaders across the stablecoin ecosystem. With a highly focused, technical agenda, Stable Summit has gathered founders, CTOs and other leaders from most major stablecoins that are live on mainnet today.

  • Crypto, Coffee & Croissants: A Parisian Soirée with Fyde Treasury, STIX & OP Crypto

    ​If you are a top level executive, founder, or investor in the crypto space stop by for coffee and croissants. Lunch served to 3 PM and refreshments will be served all day.

  • Meet the VC Brekky

    To deepen relationships between builders and investors to strengthen the web3 ecosystem together.

  • Autonomous Ecologies #2

    Transforming Collaboration & Economics for the Post-Web

  • Encode Club Hacker House

    This summer, we at Encode Club are partnering with Wormhole and Pyth, and guess what? We're bringing our Encode Club Hacker House to Paris! So, mark your calendars for July 17th to 22nd, 2023. We've got six amazing days planned full of workshops, co-working, networking as well as a hackathon - It's going to be a lot of fun!

  • Rise & Tokenize

    Coffee, orange juice, croissants and digital asset tokenization.

  • StarknetCC

    A conference to celebrate the Starknet ecosystem.

  • DeSci Meetup: Join AthenaDAO x Bio.xyz x VitADAO for a Block Party in the Marais

    AthenaDAO and Bioxyz are hosting an aperitivo event at the CALLA showroom in Paris, inviting interested contributors to join their respective projects focused on decentralized science (DeSci). AthenaDAO, a collective working on women's health research funding and education, collaborates with various entities like NUS and Cambridge and has been chosen as a BioDAO by Bioxyz. Bioxyz, a biotech DAO accelerator, provides resources to DAOs to utilize IP-NFTs for funding and developing intellectual property, aiming to foster a rapid increase of digital IP assets.